Trenton is going to Ecuador!


Hello! My name is Trenton Reed and I'm a junior in high school.  I live and go to school in the center of the United States in a State called Missouri.  I've been given the opportunity to travel to Ecuador for my senior year. I'm so excited to leave for Ecuador I'm already attempting to speak Spanish.  My hopes when returning from Ecuador to home in the United States, is to be bilingual.

I'm going abroad to challenge myself and find out who I really am as a person by experiencing a different culture. I can't wait to learn this new language, and eat different foods, and not only learn but experience new traditions. I also can't wait to meet my host family because I will be spending most of my time with them while in Ecuador. Building a relationship with my host family will be comforting and make me feel more at home.

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Thank you so much!

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