We're grateful for the help and hard work of our local producers. Thanks to them, you're able to taste the natural flavors of mid-Missouri.

Show me farms

Show Me Farms

Columbia MO

Known for its "Born Tender Beef" Show Me Farms has been at the forefront of local beef production for more than 30 years! Meriwether Cafe is proud to serve Show Me Farms products for its high quality, sustainable/humane animal husbandry practices and of course, it's unrivaled flavor. So know when you order bacon or pork sausage at breakfast or the pork fritter or roast beef sandwich, Jerome brought it! You can find Jerome and his Born Tender Beef(and pork and chicken and eggs) at the Columbia Farmer's Market every Saturday Morning from 8am-noon. Or visit their website at www.borntenderbeef.com.

Redbuds Farm and Botanicals

Redbuds Farm and Botanicals

Rocheport MO

Our friend and hyper local producer, Emma O'Connell has been supplying local Rocheport establishments with their produce for the last 10 years. Redbuds farm, located only 3 miles from our kitchen so when you see the beautiful wildflowers on our tables or enjoy a beefy tomato on a hot August day, know they were probably picked that day. You can find Emma selling her goods(from gourds to homemade jam-and most things in between) most Saturdays on Main Street in Rocheport from 9-12. 

Boatright Farms

Boatright Farms

Boonville, MO

Practicing sustainable Agricultural Practices is this husband and wife duos' passion. David and Mariah manage farms with an advocacy for the land in mind and believe the results are found in the quality of their products. Their "Fed from the Farm" movement is inspired by restoration/regenerative grazing and herd rotation practices. At Meriwether, we use Boatright Farms' eggs in all recipes that call for them and serve them proudly on your breakfast plate. Find David and Mariah's story and how you and your family can be "Fed from the Farm" at www.fedfromthefarm.com.

Grow Bros.png

The Grow Bros Natural Farmers

Sturgeon, MO

A small farm focused on providing a diverse selection of local grown all natural chemical free produce.

Three Creeks.png

Three Creeks Produce 

Boone County, MO

Three Creeks is a diversified farm in Boone County, MO. We grow and harvest a wide variety of vegetables, herbs, flowers and wild edibles for markets in Columbia, Jefferson City and St. Louis. All of our produce is grown without the use of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. www.threecreeksmo.com

LP Farms.png

LP Urban Farm

Columbia, MO

LP Urban Farm aims to be Columbia, Missouri’s premiere specialty microgreen supplier for local restaurants, creative home cooks and health-conscious individuals. Family-operated micro farm follows chemical free growing practices, while using high quality seed and soil to ensure these mighty little micros are nutrient-dense and packed full of flavor.  www.lpurbanfarm.com


Goatsbeard Farms

Harrisburg, MO

Located about 30 minutes northwest of Columbia, the 80 acre farm contains pastures, woods, ponds and Prairie Creek. As a small family farm dedicated to creating a sustainable livelihood from the land, we strive to produce excellent cheese while protecting the water quality of our watershed, enhancing our soils with natural fertilizers, and improving biodiversity. To implement these principles, we have taken steps such as feeding our goats with a management-intensive grazing system, heating our home and dairy with hot water from an outdoor wood burning furnace, and using whey, a cheese making by-product, in our fields as fertilizer.  www.goatsbeardfarm.com

Hugo Tea.png

Hugo Tea Company

Kansas City, MO

All of the tea leaves that you get from Hugo Tea Company are certified organic. That isn't some fanciful marketing technique--it makes a very real difference in the quality of your tea, the working conditions for our farmer friends, and the environment where your tea is grown.  www.hugotea.com


Fretboard Coffee

Columbia, MO

Fretboard Coffee is a specialty coffee roastery and cafe committed to sourcing the very best ethically produced and chemical free coffees from around the world.  www.fretboardcoffee.com

These producers' top-quality products are the cornerstones of our simple scratch cooking. Come take a look at the menu and plan your visit.