A Genuinely Modern Pleasure

"Speed provides the one genuinely modern pleasure"

-Aldous Huxley

There are few thrills in life I enjoy more than speed. Free wheeling, helter-skelter break neck speed. It has captivated me since I used my BMX bike to launch into the air fully intending to not land but wreck in the most dramatic(and thus coolest)fashion. I was nine, my friends were watching and I was for that moment free to choose exhilaration over rules, bad-assery over boyhood. The result of my disregard for gravity's cruel but steady hand never left me with more than stitches or bruises, no bones broken or teeth forced loose. And the love affair has persisted... 

I now find speed a more nuanced passion. One that is not always so full throttle. One that can be appreciated for its scale and its application. This is yet another way the Katy Trail holds an allure over me like few other places in nature. It allows you to experience myriad speeds of life that bring their own array of adventures.

For example, most evenings and Sunday mornings you can find my family walking the trail at snail's pace. My two dogs and me in front trying to keep the leashes from ensnaring my wife who is concurrently coaxing Freda, who gleefully brings up the rear with a handful of sticks or other trail treasure: stopping more than walking. If in an hour we make a half mile(total, not one way) we have accomplished something. 

My familial crawl is not my only speed. I love my time on the trail when I can feel that boyhood thrill again. Now I try to stay in the saddle and I wear a helmet, but most days I can be found barreling down the trail in the early hours when its just me and the river or near sunset when I relish the taste of bugs; trying to achieve that genuinely modern pleasure, Mr Huxley spoke so bravely about.  

Scrambled Brains

Scrambled Brains

Brandon Vair